Limits are not properly executed Thursday 30th September 2021 20:23:00

Limits are not properly executed but deleted.

The bug is resolved and we are working together with affected students in order to compensate for any losses by not happened position closing

We have applied another fix and are continuing to monitor the situation

If you have had open limits/stops in the month of September and have ended up with unclosed positions due to this bug, please write an e-mail to, preferably stating the following information: Valor, Type (Limit/Stop), approximate value and approximate date the limit/stop was placed. We will do our best to help you out.

We believe to have resolved the bug and are monitoring the situation further.

The issue has been identified and is being resolved

To prevent further issues, limit deletions have been temporairily disabled. In case you have an open position which would be affected by a limit/stop, it will be added manually later.

We can confirm that proper limit/stop execution fails in cases where it's triggered. While we are solving this issue, please DO NOT rely on this functionality to work.

We are sorry for any inconvenience caused.